March 26 – Democracy Day in Mali

Posted on March 26, 2017

It's not easy to be a democracy.
It's not easy to establish, as John Adams said, "a government of laws, and not of men."

Mali, in northwestern Africa, had been a center of mathematics, astronomy, literature, art, and trade in the early middle ages. 

But during the 1800s, European powers staged a "Scramble for Africa," and France seized control of the region. When Mali finally gained independence, in 1960, the leaders were not replaced with peaceful elections and lawful transfers of power. Instead, one leader would replace the next in a coup.

After Moussa Traore became president, the constitution was rewritten to make the nation a one-party state. Traore brutally repressed any political opponents and protest demonstrations. It took a large-scale riot among workers and students to make a change.

Today is the anniversary of that 1991 riot.

Traore was arrested by his own military - so, basically, it was another coup - BUT this time, democratic reforms began. Of course, another new constitution had to be written, but today Mali is a democratic, multi-party nation.

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