March 5 - Saint Piran's Day in Cornwall

Posted on March 5, 2017

This is the National Day of Cornwall.

Except...Cornwall is not a "nation"!

It is a county and a "unitary authority area" in England.

And England isn't a nation, either - it's a country that is a part of the nation of the United Kingdom!

I suppose many governmental units either were independent realms or nations at one time or want to be. And even if a region has always been part of a larger nation, and its people have no designs of ever breaking away, people in that region can still feel a loyalty to and an identity with that region!

Today Cornwall celebrates all things Cornish. There are a lot of Cornish flags raised or carried, and Cornish food, music, and dance abounds.

Saint Piran is considered the patron saint of Cornwall and also of tin miners. Almost every community in Cornwall celebrates the day: We're talking Cornish pipers, children's dance performances, speeches, competitions (I love the idea of the Annual Pasty Throwing contest at Newquay Zoo!), Cornish poetry, singing, rugby matches, fetes, and lots and lots of parades.

There are also some celebrations outside of Cornwall - Cornish culture is celebrated today by some in London, for example, and there is even a tin miners' celebration in Grass Valley, California!

Cornwall is known for its dramatic coastline...

...its charming fishing villages...

...its lovely beaches...

...and its exciting beaches with giant waves, great surfing, and loads of extreme water sports!

And then there are Cornish pasties and cream teas...yum!

Bodmin Moor has prehistoric remains, hiking trails, and local legends.

Cornwall has plenty of interesting Celtic history.

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