March 4 – Spanish Architect Marched Forth - for 45 Years!

Posted on March 4, 2017

Honestly, I couldn't find a specific date to celebrate in regards to this amazing cement-factory-turned-home. 

Still, any project that takes 45 years (!) has every day of the year covered with anniversaries, right?

I figured, what better day to celebrate the remarkable transformation of an abandoned cement factory into a stunning home (and home office) than March 4th? (Check out the March Forth on March Fourth holiday, on "Also on this date" below.)

In 1973, Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill saw what many others would see as an ugly, abandoned WWII cement factory outside of Barcelona, Spain.

But he saw something more.

He saw something that spoke to him, that excited him.

He began to demolish bits and parts of abandoned factory. He began to deconstruct here, open up there.


...he kept a lot of the amazing structures and "bones" of the cement factory, and it has given his home a ton of drama and interest.

For example, check out this exhibit and conference room:

And here are some more photos of Bofill's home, inside and out:


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