June 15 – Nature Photography Day

Posted on June 15, 2014

Grab your camera or phone, and get out in nature. Take photos of plants and animals and natural scenery anywhere in walking or biking or paddling distance from where you are and upload your favorite one onto the North American Nature Photography Associations Facebook page for Nature Photography Day

Remember, you can only submit one photo. 

And it has to be taken today. 

Of nature. 

Close to wherever you happen to be.

Craig Wolf
NANPA makes the point that nature photography can promote, not just enjoyment of nature, but also passion for nature and for the protection of other species and of habitats. Photography can help to intrigue and inform people. It can help to make them care!

By the way, today's photography-uploaded-to Facebook event is not a contest.

For more information on NANPA and today's event, see this official page.
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