June 28 – Global Smurfs Day

Posted on June 28, 2014

Time to get out your blue makeup.

Or to resurrect that old Smurf costume.

Or to dig out your Smurf figurines, dolls, games, or other toys.

Today is the Saturday closest to Smurf creator Peyo's birthday (June 25, 1928), so flash mobs and kids' activities and movie viewings are scheduled today to celebrate the blue creatures who live in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest.

Did you know that there are Smurf collectors? Well, I guess you could probably find someone who collects just about ANYthing – I once knew a little boy who collected different sorts of BandAids – but there are enough collectors of Smurf merchandise that there are entire clubs of them who get together and talk about Smurf stuff.

The Smurf universe began as a comic. It expanded into a TV show and then two movies. Smurfs have also entered the worlds of advertising, ice capades, video games and even theme parks!

Peyo was the “pen name” for the Smurfs creator. The fellow's actual name was Pierre Culliford, and he was born in Brussels, Belgium. I am glad to say that, even though Peyo died too early, at age 64, he was able to enjoy his creations' popularity. The Smurfs first appeared in the comic strip Johan and Peewit, in 1958. They got their own comic strip series in 1959, and even the merchandising of PVC figurines began that long ago! Still, the Smurfs' popularity was pretty local at that point – until the late 1970s, when Smurfs records and toys took off in popularity and created a splash internationally. In 1981, Smurfs became a Saturday morning cartoon in the U.S.

Check out the trailer for the latest Smurf movie. 

Episodes of the Smurfs are available on You Tube. Here's one. 

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