June 17 – Iceland's National Day

Posted on June 17, 2014

Big brass band parades with flag bearers, drummers, and of course riders on Icelandic horses. Candy and games and balloons for kids, music and other performances for all. An antique car show! An open-air chess competition! General frivolity!

Iceland's National Day celebrates the nation's independence from Denmark in 1944. The date was chosen to honor Icelandic Independence Movement leader Jon Sigurdsson—today is his birthday!

Today you might see Iceland's “Lady of the Mountain” Back in the 18th and 19th Centuries, many nations adopted female personifications that stood for the traits on which the country most prided itself. The U.S. has “Lady Liberty,” and Iceland has the “Lady of the Mountain,” Fjallkona. She is a fierce representative of purity and independence. Her crown is supposed to be made of ice that erupts fire – how appropriate for a very northern land with a good share of snow and ice, but a land with far more than its fair share of volcanoes!

  • Icelandic horses are generally small, pony-sized horses. If you check out the wonderful Facebook page Made by Iceland, you will see beautiful photos of these small horses. And many beautiful waterfalls, snowy scenes, and auroras. And general Icelandic beauty! 
  • Speaking of gorgeous photography, here is a stunning time-lapse video of Iceland. 
  • Learn more about Iceland's Blue Lagoon, created by its geo-thermal power plant, here

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