June 15, 2011 - Valdemar's Day

– Denmark

The legend says that the Danish flag fell from the sky on this day in 1219. King Valdemar II the Victorious was crusading about at the time, and he was embattled in Estonia, about to give up, when the flag supposedly fell from heaven. Seen as a sign of God's favor for the Danes, it is said, the Danes took heart, surged forward to re-engage the Estonians, and won the battle.

Apparently, this story didn't arise until 1500, long after the battle.

Because of this legend, June 15 became a flag day in Denmark, and little flags are bought and sold and seem to sprout up everywhere. I was interested to read that every year there are 33 flag days in Denmark, when the Danish flag, called Dannebrog, is flown in celebration!

Go Dane for a day!

Here are some craft and food ideas and lots of links to try...

Do the Lego thing!

Legos toys started in Denmark, and the first Legoland was in Denmark, too. Get out all your Legos and build a cool construction today. Or visit the official Lego website

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