June 29 – Log Cabin Day

Posted on June 29, 2014

The last Sunday of June, we are urged to step away from the modern world and try out a simpler existence. In other words, try to go through a day without electricity or indoor plumbing or other new-fangled comforts.

I actually do this with some frequency, but not in a log cabin. It's called tent camping!

Aside from experiencing a “simpler” life, other ways you can make Log Cabin Day special include:

  • Eat pancakes or waffles with Log Cabin Syrup. (It's actually really challenging to make good pancakes over a campfire, I think. And I don't even own a waffle-maker that's not electric!)

  • Play with Lincoln logs. When you build with these unique “blocks,” you learn one way that people make log cabins – by notching logs and then fitting them together. With an actual log cabin, however, there are always uneven spots that you have to close up with chinking and daubing. Chinking is pushing small sticks or rocks into a gap, and daubing is mud that is smeared into the small gaps that remain between logs and chinking materials.
  • Do research on the symbolism of the log cabin in the United States. What president do you associate with a log cabin? If you said “Lincoln,” you are correct – but actually there were seven presidents who were born in log cabins! And one president who was NOT born in a log cabin, William Henry Harrison, used the symbol of a log cabin to mean that he was a “man of the people,” not a rich, elite candidate. It might have worked, since Harrison won the 1840 election when he used the log cabin symbol!
  • Learn the first steps of how to build a log cabin from "Get It Done!": 
Part 1  and Part 2

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