May 3, 2013 - National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

Wear a white sneaker on your right foot and a blue sneaker on your left foot. Or a sandal and loafer. I suggest that you skip the stiletto heel on one foot and flip-flop on the other—the difference in heel height will really hurt in an hour or two!

A few weeks ago we were urged to wear no shoes, in order to raise awareness of the importance of children's health and education—and of course shoes! Today we are urged to show our individuality by a lighthearted touch to our usual clothing style—two different colors (and perhaps styles) of shoes.

It is also a day to appreciate the uniqueness of our friends and family. Tell your loved ones some very specific things that you have noticed and admired about them. Honor the teeny differences that make your friends special—and tell them!

Finally, it's a day to think about the diversity of humankind. Of course we all have a lot in common, and I love to focus on those commonalities at times, but today is a day to really relish the differences that make life so interesting. We all need love, but the word love is different in every language. We all enjoy food, but what a rich array of different sorts of foods people prepare and eat! We need shelter from hail and rain and snow, shelter from cold temperatures, shelter from the sun's burning rays, even—but our housing styles and clothing fashions are incredibly varied.

Check out some of that diversity:

  • Daria has some instruments from around the world in pictures you can color and sound files you can listen to. Even better, there are instructions about how to make the instruments! 

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