May 24, 2013 - International Tiara Day

Today is a day when everyone is supposed to be able to wear a tiara and feel like a princess. (All you boys and men, feel free to substitute a hefty crown, and feeling like a king.)

Apparently, in the past, tiaras were only worn by married women who were royalty. However, these days some brides and prom-goers wear tiaras, too. The people who originated this day think we should ALL be able to wear a tiara and feel as special as a bride, princess, or prom queen must feel.

(By the way, speaking of royalty, the reason that this day in particular is International Tiara Day is because it is also Queen Victoria's birthday, as you will see below.)

Check out how much Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory likes her tiara! 

A quick Google search turned up a party-favor tiara for 99 cents from Party City, costume tiaras for $4-$12, and beautiful rhinestone tiaras for $25 - $80. Of course, real diamond-and-jewel-encrusted tiaras would cost thousands—maybe even hundreds of thousands—of dollars.

If you don't already have a tiara, and you don't want to buy one from a party store or costume shop, you can make one! Try the techniques shown at ThreadBanger

Whatever tiara you happen to own, buy, or make, wear it proudly today—even to the grocery store!

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