May 27, 2013 - Happy Birthday, Lawrence M. Krauss

You gotta love a physicist who writes and speaks about the physics of Star Trek! Krauss has studied and written about lots of other topics, as well, of course. Cosmology, the fear of physics, dark matter and dark energy, string theory, and why there is something rather than nothing—these are some of the subjects Krauss spends his time studying and discussing.

I got to hear one of Krauss's public lectures several years ago. He is energetic and fun to listen to—and I always think the sort of Big Questions that he investigates are fascinating!

Check out some of Krauss's ideas about the technologies found on Star Trek.

Here is a documentary about the Big Bang

Want to know more about dark matter and dark energy? Check out the National Geographic explanation or the NASA explanation.

Here is a 4-minute video that touches on a few central ideas of cosmology. 

Did you know that there is a website devoted to the Big Questions Online

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