April 16, 2013 - One Day Without Shoes

Today people are trying to bring global awareness of children's health and education in an unusual way – by going without shoes. Check out this video, and this official website, and last year's post

The Queen's Birthday in Denmark

Margrethe, Margrethe, come on out, or we will never go home!” call loyal citizens of Denmark on their queen's birthday.

They do this standing below the public balcony of the Royal Amalienborg Palace. And sure enough, Queen Margrethe and a few members of her family step out onto the balcony and greet the cheering crowd.

The funny thing (to me) is that the tradition dictates that this happen several times. After smiling and waving to the crowd, the queen will go back inside. The crowd will make their traditional call again (rather like calling to Rapunzel or Juliet, isn't it?), and she will step out again—three or four times altogether.

Do things Danish, today!

  • Licorice fudge
    Licorice is a popular flavor for desserts—licorice ice cream, licorice chocolate, licorice fudge, licorice mints, and of course licorice candy. The Danes apparently especially like salty black licorice. (I'm thinking, “Salty??”) You probably cannot find all of these licorice treats in your local grocery store, but perhaps you can add some pieces of licorice to vanilla ice cream.

  • Play Vikings. Play with Legos. Perhaps you can play Vikings WITH Legos!
  • Here are instructions for creating a Viking ship out of a milk carton.

  • Do some Danish-inspired folk art. Use paint or paper-cutting to create symmetrical folk designs. Check out this and that and this other websites for some ideas. (Scroll down at the last link.)

For more Danish activities, check out this and this other earlier post. 

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