June 28 – Happy Birthday, Peter Paul Rubens!

Posted June 27, 2013

There are people who make a splash in a big way, in this world, and Rubens made his splash with colorful paint!

This Flemish painter was born on this date way back in 1577. (Flanders is now a part of Belgium, but Rubens was actually born in Germany but moved to Antwerp, Flanders, when he was 11 or 12 years old.)

Rubens had a happy family life.
Here is a self-portrait in which
he included his wife and son.

(Yes, the kid in the "dress" is a boy.
I read that the blue sash indicated
that this was clothing appropriate
for little boys.)
Rubens used a lot of color and captured a lot of movement in his paintings, and his portraits were popular with nobility. He was able to run a large studio, and he was knighted by the kings of Spain and England!

By the way, the reason that Germany lost Rubens to Flanders was because his parents faced religious persecution and fled their homes. Religious persecution is just never a good idea!

  • Here is a page about Rubens that includes a brief bio, pictures, games and puzzles.

  • Here is a coloring page featuring a Rubens piece. 

  • Rubens had a “secret garden” at his house/studio, which is now a museum. Check it out. 

Here is Peter Paul Rubens's signature, which
identified his paintings as his own. Come up
with a signature of your own—maybe your whole
name, or just your first 
or last name, or just your

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