June 8 – Worldwide Knit in Public Day

Posted June 8, 2013

This should be called Worldwide Knit in Public Week, because the organizers ask people to choose any date between today and the 16th for their local WWKP Day. However, the original WWKP Day is supposed to be the second Saturday in June.

Why knit in public? Apparently some people believe that only wizened grandmothers knit, and this is an opportunity for knitters everywhere to show their diversity. It's a way of saying, “Look! Teens (and kids, and men, etc.) knit, too!”

Knit in Public Day was started in 2005, and it is the largest knitter-run event in the world. Many knitting groups that never interact with each other come together for this one day a year. It is truly a world wide event, with groups in Australia, China, Finland, France, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, the U.K. and U.S. among those participating.

Knitters tell us that they not only make beautiful and useful garments, but their hobby is very calming.

Learn to knit. Instructional videos and help can be found here

Enjoy some amazing knitting pix – including yarn-bombing in public places, knit foods, and a knit skeleton.

By the way...

...It's not just knitting! Crocheting in public is promoted today, too. Don't know the difference? Check it out. 

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