June 15 – Global Wind Day

Posted June 15, 2013

Today is a great day to learn more about renewable energy, including wind power. 

It's a great day to teach others about clean, renewable power sources.

And it's a day to take political action to encourage our leaders to put more of our tax dollars into green energy production and less of it into fossil fuel subsidies.

The U.S. government pays between 10 to 52 billion dollars a year to subsidize fossil fuels! Switching part of that money into wind farms and other sustainable energy projects would be great for the environment and for the security of the nation.

STEM Works is a website that gathers ideas that help kids learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; it provides directions for several wind-energy projects.

Here is a video on wind power.

The American Wind Energy Association offers several resources for lessons and hands-on activities.

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