June 29 – Shrimp Festival in Flanders

Posted June 27, 2013

You want to catch some shrimp? You're going to need a boat!

Unless, that is, you live in Flanders.

Apparently Flanders (the northern part of Belgium) is pretty much the only place in the world in which people still catch shrimp on horseback. 

This traditional “fishing” style involves riding into the ocean on horseback—nice and slowly—and when the horses are chest-deep in water, using nets to scoop up tiny gray shrimp. This traditional practice is celebrated this weekend in the town of Oostduinkerke, in the Shrimp Festival. Tourists come from all over to watch the horseback fishing—and of course to eat the shrimp!

How do the Belgians eat the gray shrimp? Two typical dishes are tomatoes stiffed with shrimp and mayonnaise and fried shrimp.

Have a shrimp festival of your own!

  • Take a peek at Shrimp on a Treadmill. (I think it's possible that some people have too much time on their hands!) 

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