June 8, 2012 = Upsy Daisy Day

Today is a day to focus on getting up “on the right side of the bed,” being cheerful and happy in the morning, “playing Pollyanna” and “looking on the bright side of things.” The creators of this day are so cheery, as a matter of fact, that they want us to get up in the morning “gloriously, gratefully, and gleefully”!

That might sound like a bit much, but remember, it's TGIF today!

It's also Best Friend Day where I live, in the USA. That's another reason to be upbeat.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating Upsy Daisy Day:

  • Watch the movie Up
  • Take a look at your world from someplace high. You might be able to go up an elevator of a tall building, for example, and look out the windows. A hot air balloon ride would be even more awesome!

  • Wear a "smiley-face" T-shirt or button. Or just your own beautiful smile!

  • Buy some daisies to spark up your dinnertable! Or plant some daisies to spark up your yard. Also, enjoy these wonderful photos of daisies.

  • What do you think of this “Upsy Daisy Song” for toddlers?I know teeny children like the upsy-daisy game—where you swoop them up, up, up!

  • Cheer someone up. Remember, laughter is a great medicine, and smiling and hugging can actually make physical (chemical) changes that tend to make people happier!

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