June 26 - National Canoe Day in Canada

Posted June 26, 2013

Can you canoe today?
Oar” you going to paddle upstream, sightseeing all the while, and then shoot downstream, white-knuckling through the white water?
Oar” maybe you will join a crew and do some rowing / racing!

Celebrating Canoe Day is probably a lot easier for most Canadians than it is for the rest of us, since there are more than THREE MILLION lakes and even more rivers in Canada! As a matter of fact, there is more “inland water” in Canada than in any other nation.

At any rate, happy Canoe Day!

Celebrate any way you can!

If you cannot canoe today, maybe you can do something along these lines:
  • Here are directions for creating miniature canoes out of craft sticks.

  • If you have birch trees nearby, you are in luck—you can make a model of a birch bark canoe! Here is how. 

  • I think these canoe-themed cupcakes are so cute! The canoe and other decorations are made with marshmallow fondant.

Eat your canoe for lunch!

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