June 26, 2012 - National Flag Day in Romania

Today is Romania's National Flag Day, the day the nation celebrates the 6-26-1848 adoption of a red-yellow-blue tricolor flag.

Strangely, in 1960 the African nation of Chad adopted a flag that was almost identical to Romania's flag. The blue of the Chad tricolor flag is supposed to be darker, but in some photos and diagrams, I can't tell the difference!

In 2004, Chad asked the United Nations to look into the issue of there being two almost-identical flags in the world—but the president of Romania said that, no matter what, Romania wouldn't be changing its flag. Well, I don't blame the Romanians! Chad adopted the same flag that the Romanians had been using for 12 years—I think that Chad ought to make a change!

The problem with tricolor flags is that there are many that are quite similar. Take a peek at all the tricolor flags of the world. It's not terribly easy to tell at a glance if a flag is Irish, Italian, or Ivory Coast, is it?

Into vexillography?

The word vexillography means the study of flags. Check out this vexillography website, which has plenty of tips about good flag design. Oh, if only someone in Chad had known all this before that nation's flag was designed! 

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