October 10, 2012 - National Bring Your Teddy Bear to School/Work Day

Today we are urged to bring our favorite furry (stuffed) friends to school or work with us. I don't know how well that will go along with the other, more serious meaning of the day:

Unity Day, aka Stop Bullying Day

Some bullies love to pick on people who look or dress different or who, say, have a teddy bear in their arms (see above)! But everyone, of every age, can do something today to send a loud-and-clear message that bullying is not okay:

Wear orange.

We are urged to go out in the community, to school or to work, wearing the color orange, to write the word “unity” on our T-shirts, or hands, or a sign, and possibly even to hand out “unity ribbons.” (To make unity ribbons, cut 12-inch pieces of wide ribbon. Write “UNITY” and “The end of bullying begins with me” on each ribbon in Sharpie pen.)

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