October 6, 2012 - Mad Hatter Day

Do you remember the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland? He wore a sign on his giant hat: “In this style 10/6.” Because of that sign, 10/6 (October 6) is the Mad Hatter's special day.

What do people do to celebrate Mad Hatter Day?

We celebrate silliness!

It's not a day for tricks or pranks, like April Fool's Day. This kinder, gentler “fool's day” is for being silly in a little-kid way. Listen to jokes, sing ridiculous songs, run around, do cartwheels and somersaults and silly dances! Or try to look at our world with your topsy-turvy “the whole world's crazy” eyeglasses:

  •  We park on driveways and drive on parkways. (Thank you, George Carlin, for pointing this out!)
  • Iceland is pretty green (in the summer), but Greenland is covered with ice.

  • A shrimp is a shelled animal, which means that it has a shell, until it is shelled by a chef—by which I mean the chef removes the shell. Now the shelled shrimp is ready to cook....So....”shelled” means having a shell and not having a shell!
  • When you dust a bookshelf, you remove the dust, but when you dust a cake with sugar, you add the “dust” (sugar crystals).
  • We get the power to travel around by “taking the juice from hundred-million-year-old rotten dinosaur food and exploding it in a metal can.” (Thanks, Ari Rapkin, for this fresh look at our world!) 
  • Planes landing on an aircraft carrier have to catch a heavy wire with a hook attached to the tail of the airplane in order to survive the landing. It's incredibly difficult and dangerous, and when I toured an aircraft carrier I wondered who would even come up with such a ridiculous concept! (I mean, it does work, but what made people think for a moment that it would?)
  • Rabbits can't digest enough of their food as it passes the first time through their digestive system, so they have to eat their own poop in order to get enough nutrients. (Well, technically speaking, they eat the softer, smellier cectropes, not their actual feces, which are small, round, and dry.)

If you look at the familiar world as if you were a stranger in a strange land, you will see some weird and wacky things. But remember that Mad Hatter Day is mostly about funny and silly fun!

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