October 3, 2012 - Balloons Around the World Day

Blow up some balloons! Pop some balloons! Make balloon animals! Do experiments with balloons!

Compare balloons filled with air, helium, and water—how are they different? Are “helium quality” balloons different material, or thinner or thicker, than cheaper balloons? What about water balloons?

What sorts of materials are used to make balloons? There's latex (rubber) and mylar (a metalized film)... What about hot air balloons? What are they made of?

Did you know that some early balloons were made of dried animal bladders? Yick—how would you like to blow up a pig bladder?

Celebrate Balloons Around the World Day!

Wait—it doesn't have to be balloon animals! Here is one about making balloon seaweed for an underwater scene. Can you figure out how to make a crown and a sword?

  • Check out some balloon art, such as the giant palm trees and full-size Tardis (for Dr. Who fans) by Twisty Kristy, the military tank and dresses at Oddee, the dinosaur and a variety of balloon costumes at Bin's Corner.

  • Some balloon artists are putting on special events for Balloons Around the World Day. Is there one near you? (You might want to check out this list.)

Also on this date:

National Foundation Day in South Korea 

Francisco Morazan Day in Honduras 

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