September 28 – National Good Neighbor Day

Posted on September 28, 2016

It is so wonderful to have good neighbors, and it is even more wonderful to BE a good neighbor. Today's the day to strut your good-neighbor stuff!

Perhaps you could give your neighbors a nice basket of fruit, some homemade goodies, or a single rose - plus a thank you note for your their help through the years.

Remember, neighbors can be more helpful than even friends and family, in some situations. If you need an egg and realize you're out halfway through a batch of brownies, sure your aunt would gladly give you an egg – but you can't travel most of the way across the city for one egg! If you are going on a trip, your best friend might be willing to feed your cat and water your houseplants, but he can't easily do that if he lives two cities away. In an emergency, it's much better to have a neighbor with an extra key to blow out the candle you left burning than to rely on someone much farther away.

So, be friendly to your neighbors! Introduce yourself, offer to babysit or petsit, mention that you're handy at fixing things and give out your phone number for “any time!” If you need a strong pair of hands to unload a new purchase or someone to collect your mail while you are gone, ask a neighbor – politely, of course – and remember that accepting help is as valuable to building relationships as offering help.

Some neighborhoods have block parties. This neighborhood blocked off the streets from car travel so that the kids could have an instant playground!
These kids got together to help an elderly neighbor with her lawn.

If you notice that a neighbor is sick or injured, you could offer to walk their dog.

By the way, some sources on the web state that National Good Neighbor Day is the fourth Sunday in September, but other sources say it is always on September 28. I found a few sources that states that it used to be the fourth Sunday of September, but in 2003 it was changed to September 28. That explains it!

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