September 11 – Pet Rock Day

Posted on September 11, 2016

Did you know that Becker College (in Massachusetts) is hosting the 18th annual Pet Rock Fest?

So I'm thinking that this is a festival celebrating pet rocks.

Back in the mid-1970s, an advertising guy decided he had the perfect idea for a great gift: pet rocks. 

After all, having a pet USUALLY involves a lot of work, but if your pet is a rock, you can skip walking, bathing, feeding, and grooming your pet. Vet bills for a pet rock would be non-existent, and pet rocks never die!

The ad guy's name was Gary Dahl, and he followed up on his idea. He got smooth stones from a beach in Mexico, he wrote a clever manual with tons of puns and plays on word, and he had cardboard boxes fitted out with straw and “breathing holes” for the pet rocks.

Dahl sold about 1.5 million pet rocks, and he became a millionaire. The fad was short-lived – after six months, sales began to slump – but by that time a lot of people had pet rocks and were already enjoying the carefree life of pet-rock owners.

However, what is happening today is NOT a “fest” for “pet rocks” and their owners. Instead, it is a rock festival that is dedicated to kindness toward animals, responsible pet ownership, and helping organizations that help animals.

What do you do at the Pet Rock Fest?

There's music to listen to, of course.
There is a pet parade, an amateur dog show (including an Owner-Dog Look Alike category), K-9 demos, an agility course, a vegetarian food court, a clown, an Air Frisbee dog performance, face painting, and more!

The monies raised by the festival go to animal shelters and organizations.

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