September 2 – Labor Day in the Marshall Islands (first Friday of September)

Posted on September 2, 2016

Apparently Labor Day is a pretty big holiday in the Marshall Islands. Like workers in other nations that celebrate Labor Day, Marshall Islands' laborers get to take a day off from their labor.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is one nation made up of 29 coral atolls – which in turn are made up of – get this! – 1,156 individual islands and islets!!

The thing about coral atolls out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – there aren't a whole lot of resources out there. There isn't a ton of fertile land, and there aren't loads of gold and diamonds to mine or rich fields of oil to pump.

So what is it that the Marshallese labor over when they are working?

There are small farms. In addition to growing their own food, farmers tend to grow crops like coconuts, tomatoes, melons, and breadfruit.
(in case you were wondering)

Fishing is a big deal. And there is some industry processing fish.

There is some tourism and also small-scale industry in what is basically handicrafts...Some of which are sold to tourists.

There has been experimentation on the use of coconut oil as an alternative fuel for vehicles and power plants.

Apparently, a lot of the economy is bound up with U.S. aid and rental fees from the U.S. military – which has used and still uses Marshall Islands islets for weapons testing!

What makes the Marshall Islands special? Check them out:

I can almost see what these islands are used
as target practice...

I mean, come on - they don't look anything like natural islands -
they look much more like artificial targets!

Apparently there are a lot of plane wrecks that actually
make great dive spots!

Even for South Sea Islands, the Marshall
Islands are amazingly gorgeous!

And colorful:


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