September 29 – World Heart Day

Posted on September 29, 2014

We all have hearts—even earthworms have hearts of sorts. (An earthworm has "aortic arches" that act as hearts.) We all want to keep our hearts healthy (guess what we cannot live without?). And most of us even know how to do that.

...But we don't always do it!

Today is a great day to re-commit ourselves to doing right by our hearts. 

  • Eating healthy foods, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and limiting sugar, fat, and salt, is a HUGE step. 
  • Not smoking is one of the biggest health decisions we can make. 
  • Having an active lifestyle, with lots of exercise or physical work or outdoor sports, is very important. 
  • And yearly check ups, blood pressure and blood tests, help as well.

Learn more about World Heart Day here.

This website has a video about the human heart for younger kids, and this other website is better for older kids.

To see a picture of earthworm “hearts,” check out this website

To learn about other animal hearts, check out this website.

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