May 28 – Sierra Club Day

Posted on May 28, 2014

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest and largest environmental groups in the U.S., and its birthday is today!

The Sierra Club was started in California on this date in 1892 by conservationist John Muir. It started with 182 members, and it took sixteen years for the group to grow to 1,000 people – but now its membership is more than two million!

Explore! Enjoy! And protect the planet!

That's what the official website urges us to do.  And of course, when we say “protect the planet,” we pretty much mean protect the way the oceans, rivers, atmosphere, and climate have been for the past few thousand years, and protect the animals and plants alive today.

The planet itself – the solid inner core, liquid outer core, hot-rock mantle and rigid crust made up of various-sized plates – it'll be fine! It's pretty big, and it needs no protection from us paltry humans.

But the things we need to live and flourish – clean air and water, a reliable climate, healthy ecosystems of plants and animals and other organisms, beautiful natural spots and regions of wilderness – all of THAT is what conservationists want us to preserve and protect.

In addition to working on green politics and energy policies, and trying to lessen global climate change, the Sierra Club organizes lots of outdoor activities. Mountaineering and rock climbing are specialties, but hikes and float trips are also common Sierra Club activities. Another thing to consider is volunteer vacations. Families can help clean up or restore trails and wilderness instead of lolling on a beach or boat!

Hmm...hard physical labor while on vacation? Actually, the trips sound pretty amazing!

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