May 26 – World Lindy Hop Day

Posted on May 26, 2014

The Lindy Hop is an American dance that first developed in Harlem in New York City, in the 1920s and 1930s.

The Lindy Hop is famous for some of its
over-the-head, around-the-body, under-the-legs
crazy-acrobatic lifts and moves!
Like animals and language, dances evolve (change over time). This particular kind of dance evolved alongside the music it is danced with, jazz, and it is considered part of the jazz dance family, specifically the swing dance variety. (I wonder if anyone has ever created a family tree of dances?) But there are elements of tap and the Charleston in Lindy Hop. The dance may have evolved from other swing dances such as breakaway or the Texas Tommy.

The Lindy Hop combines elements of partner dance and solo dancing – even improvisation!

It is sometimes referred to one of many “street dances,” because it sprung up uncontrolled by any official dance rules or organization.

By the way, the name Lindy Hop probably came from the famous aviator Charles Lindberg, who grabbed headlines when he flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. Some people called Lindberg “Lucky Lindy,” and some newspaper headlines read “Lindy hops the Atlantic.”

Check out this energetic dance:

  • This one is more Charleston and more modern. 
  • Here are some 7-year old kids doing the Lindy Hop, and here is an 88-year old woman still dancing the Lindy Hop!
  • Here is a video instructing you in a fun solo Lindy Hop move. There are many, many more instructional videos you can try!

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