May 28, 2012 - Slugs Return from Capistrano

This silly holiday is a parody of the holiday called “Swallows Return to Capistrano.” Swallows Day is supposed to be a lovely day in March when flocks of cliff swallows arrive at the beautiful Mission San Juan Capistrano and begin to build their springtime nests. For years people have had a parade and festival to welcome back the sparrows, and they traditionally ring the mission bells as well. Unfortunately, there have been very few or no swallows anywhere near Capistrano, recently. And I don't mean few or no swallows on Swallows Day; I mean few or no swallows anywhere near Capistrano at all, ever.

Still, from what I can tell, Swallows Day goes on, with or without the swallows!

Today's “holiday,” Slugs Day, warns people all over the nation that the slugs are returning from their winter headquarters in Capistrano—but of course, that's a great big lie! Slugs do not migrate each year, and they certainly don't overwinter in Capistrano!

Still, it might be fun to have a Slugs Day today. Try out the slugs links and games at Wart Games. And here are some experiments about slugs and caffeine.  (You should know that most gardeners consider slugs and snails huge problems, major pests. They want to learn about them so they can repel or even destroy them!) Finally, here are some groan-worthy jokes about snails and slugs. 

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