May 4 – Lemonade Day

(First Sunday of May)

Posted on May 4, 2014

The idea behind Lemonade Day is empowering today's kids to be tomorrow entrepreneurs. 

It's all about teaching kids to plan, own, and operate their own businesses. There are even special efforts to reaching out to girls to motivate them to become business owners.

Why is a day dedicated to entrepreneurship called "Lemonade Day"? 

Because the organizers of Lemonade Day urge kids to start a lemonade stand! 

Not just any old lemonade stand – but a lemonade stand with a cool name, a website, a menu, even some advertising!

Check out the resources offered on the official Lemonade Day website.

Of course, kid entrepreneurs don't have to sell lemonade. There is a story on the website about a girl who paints flip-flops and sells the custom products. Elsewhere on the web, there are stories about kids making serious money with their successful businesses as well as books and videos urging little kids with big ideas to become Kidpreneurs! 

And then there's maybe my all-time favorite story about a kid who's an entrepreneur: Caine's Arcade. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

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