May 3 – National Scrapbooking Day

(First Saturday in May)

Posted on May 3, 2014

Scrapbooks are great fun to make and to look through. Part-photo-album, part-keepsake-keeper, part-journal, a scrapbook can be a reminder of a particular time, a certain vacation, a special trip, an entire childhood or just one event.

Back in the olden days, we used to keep photos in albums that often slowly ate away at the colors or clarity of the photos. Now we know better, and there are a lot of acid-free papers and adhesives.

Back in the olden days, we often wrote right on our only precious photo of a person or event; now we can store a digital copy of the photo AND as much written info as we could possibly want, ready to print out another copy should we need it.

We can even create collages and albums online, without having to use paper at all. I love a digital scrapbook! — 

...but I still love actual 3-dimensional scrapbooks I can hold in my lap and slowly pore over as I turn each page.

There are a million quadrillion bajillion scrapbooking ideas online. Here are just a few:

  • I just started this Pinterest board to collect a few good ideas I found on scrapbooking about kids and kids' artwork and kids' projects and papers.

  • This Pinterest board has lots of pages about topics such as Galileo and photosynthesis. Very inspiring!

  • This Pinterest board shares some delightful scrapbook pages that are mostly photos-plus-decorations (rather than, say, kids' artwork or memorabilia). 

  • Lapbooks are special scrapbooks meant to keep in one spot a lot of what is learned on a topic, as a great way to share with others now and remind ourselves later.  

  • Here are some ideas about how to organize memorabilia. This is more than just scrapbooking—it's displaying, sorting, and storing!

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