March 6, 2012 - Independence Day in Ghana

During ancient times, Africans domesticated the camel and began to trade—even crossing the great Sahara Desert to trade gold and ivory and salt. One empire that grew up out of this trade was named “Warrior King,” or Ghana. This west-African empire grew wealthy and urban centers (cities) developed. Ghana's warriors included trained archers and cavalry, which is soldiers mounted on horses. Cavalry had a huge advantage over foot soldiers because horses are large, powerful, and fast, and the soldiers can wield their weapons from on high.

Of course, later on Europeans wanted to control Africa's “Gold Coast,” and Portuguese, Dutch, English, and Spanish forces built forts in Ghana. Many wars were fought between the colonial powers and the nation-states of Western Africa. Eventually, the Gold Coast became a protectorate of Britain, and on this date in 1957, Ghana finally gained its independence.

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