March 2, 2012 - Texas Independence Day

The Republic of Texas was
larger than the current state
of Texas.
When a government has ceased to protect the lives, liberty and propertyof the people...We, hereby resolve and declare...that the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic...”

On this day, proud Texans celebrate this day in 1836, when Texas adopted the Texas Declaration of Independence and broke away from Mexico, creating the Republic of Texas. This independent nation existed for ten years before Texas joined the United States of America.

During those ten years, Texas had a Congress with 14 senators and 29 representatives, a president, and a court system—all roughly copied from the U.S. system. I got to wondering if the nation had its own money, and I found out that some stores passed out paper money good only in that store, some Texan cities printed their own money—good in that city only—and the Republic of Texas printed money, too. But the Texan money could only be used to pay taxes—it was pretty much worthless inside and outside the nation! Also, Texas didn't produce any coins.

Find out more about Texas's mostly worthless money here. (One thing that interested me was that each bill was hand-signed by the treasurer, instead of having the signature printed on the bills. Can you imagine that working today?)

Find out more about the Texas Declaration of Independence here.

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