March 23, 2012 - Pakistan Day

A lot of nations celebrate the day they declare or win their independence—but Pakistan won its independence from Britain in August of 1947. Instead of celebrating that day, Pakistan commemorates the adoption of the constitution that made it a republic, on this date in 1956. However, some Pakistani leaders have said that the real commemoration is of the passage of the Lahore Resolution, on this date in 1940, which demanded that a Muslim state (only later named Pakistan) be carved out of British India.
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When India was a British colony, it included all of Pakistan to its west and also Bangladesh to its east. Both Pakistan and the much smaller East Bengal (as Bangladesh used to be called) were majority Muslim regions, and most of India is majority Hindu. When the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was first formed, it included East Bengal—but the Bengali people were treated like second-class citizens and were kept out of power. Even their language was dismissed as unofficial and thus unimportant. There was a revolution in which many Bengali police officers and soldiers mutinied against their government and joined forces with their people. In late 1971, Bangladesh won its independence from Pakistan.

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Since constitutions and resolutions and even revolutions aren't the most fun topics to read about, I thought I would also mention that today is:

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