March 15, 2012 - Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Today Camp Fire USA encourages all adults everywhere to write encouraging and loving letters to the children in their lives. After all, every child is pretty darned incredible!

What do kids do on a day like today? (Aside from reading any letters that come their way, of course...) How about some cute coloring pages?

Let's face it...

Kids already have a few special days in the year. Kids often get to celebrate their birthdays, and maybe Christmas or Hanukkah. Lots of kids love to celebrate Halloween, too. There's some special someones who don't get much attention, all year long, who have a special day today, too:

Buzzard Day!

Supposedly, every day on March 15, turkey buzzards come to Hinkley, Ohio. Early in 1957, somebody published a report saying that some private records showed that the turkey buzzards arrive on the same day of the year, and pretty soon reporters and ornithologists (scientists who study birds) started talking about the report, and wondering if it was true. That year, when March 15th came along, 9,000 people showed up in Hinkley! The town was startled—and completely unready for a huge crowd of visitors. Were the townsfolk embarrassed by turkey buzzard no-shows? Were all those visitors disappointed in their quest to see one of nature's “miracles”?

No and no: The turkey buzzards flew into town, just as predicted, and thus Buzzard Day in Hinkley got famous fast!

What are turkey buzzards?

You may know that turkey buzzards are scavengers that live on already-dead animals. They do a great job of keeping the environment nice for everybody else—because they are like Mother Nature's garbage collectors and morticians, combined.

Turkey buzzards have featherless red heads that resemble the heads of wild turkeys.

Find out more here and here.

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