March 20, 2012 - Snowman Burning Day

What do you do to celebrate the coming of spring? You do know that today is the first day of spring, in the Northern Hemisphere, right?

Well, did you know that some people in Michigan and Switzerland, and probably other very chilly places, burn a snowman in celebration of the day?

I know, you're wondering how on earth anyone can burn snow! Well, a “snowman” is built of straw, according to what I read, then fixed up to look like a snowy snowman. It is the dry straw that burns. Check out a few of the videos and photos on the Lake Superior State University website—the university has been burning snowmen since 1971!

To find out more about why today is considered the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, check out this earlier post on the Vernal / Autumnal Equinox.

Also: Nowruz in Iran

The Persian culture celebrates the New Year on the Vernal Equinox, or first day of spring—in other words, today! Check out this earlier post to find out more about Nowruz

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