June 29 – Independence Day in the Seychelles

Posted on June 29, 2017

Today is the anniversary of the Seychelles' independence from Britain in 1976. Apparently, back in '76 the people of this African island nation had a three-month-long party!

Nowadays, the Seychelles celebrate three holidays in June: Liberation Day on June 5, National Day on June 18, and of course today's Independence Day (also known as Republic Day).

So I'm wondering - is it pretty much a month-long party?

Perhaps parades, cultural events, fireworks?


The Seychelles have one of my favorite flags!

I'm sure you've seen this flag, which symbolizes LGBT pride and the fight for LGBT rights:

Well, the Seychelles have a rainbow-ish flag of their own: 

Here is the meaning of each color:

blue - the sky and the sea, which surrounds this island nation

yellow - the sun, which gives both light and life

red - the people, and their work towards unity and love

white - social justice and harmony

green - the environment, including the land and its resources


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