June 29 – International Mud Day

Posted on June 29, 2015

This is a perfect day to put on your crummiest clothes before going outside to play – because today is the day to celebrate, not just the outdoors, but the messier parts of outdoors – water and dirt and mud!

You can gain some inspiration from photos on the World Forum Foundation's Facebook page – and you can share your own mud-spattered fun by posting photos!

My kids used to love going to Adventure Playgrounds, where they could zip line over a muddy lake, use poles to navigate the lake, ride a slide down into a muddy pit, and shower off right there, outdoor, before getting in the car to come home. Good times! Check out your neck of the woods to see if there is something similar!

Or gain muddy inspiration from Pinterest, Growing a Jeweled Rose, and Happy Hooligans

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