June 16 – Fudge Day

Posted on June 16, 2017

Melt chocolate and butter, stirring in milk and sugar. Possibly add extra ingredients (nuts, dried fruit, wafers, marshmallows?), and pour into a greased dish. Refrigerate.

And then serve very small portions of this rich and yummy treat!

THAT'S how you celebrate fudge day!!

Here are some actual recipes:

More unusual flavors - like cake batter fudge, cookies and cream fudge, candy cane fudge

History of fudge

The first time the world heard about fudge may be a grocery store in Baltimore (Maryland) sold it in 1886. Apparently it was created by accident when someone was making a batch of caramels. The name fudge may have come from the mistake - it was a fudged batch of caramels. 

But accidents can be delicious!

A student at Vassar College (New York) got the recipe and sold fudge at an auction, and fudge became a popular Vassar College thing! And it wasn't long before shops on Mackinac Island (Michigan) began to sell the Vassar treat.

At that point, fudge had already circulated around at least three states, and soon it became a nationwide and eventually worldwide phenomenon.

Also on this date:

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