May 15 - National Slider Day

Posted on May 15, 2017

Did you know that May is Hamburger Month?

And today, smack in the middle of Hamburger Month, is Slider Day.

I thought sliders were mini hamburgers. But I found some disagreement.

Some people say that sliders are ONLY mini hamburgers made by White Castle. There is a White Castle sandwich called "the Original Slider." 

This Original Slider is a small, thin patty of ground beef cooked on a griddle with onions and on top of the beef, and the bun on top of the onions. The steam from the onions helps the thin patty to cook (I guess it's not flipped on the griddle), and the bun soaks up the aroma and flavor while it's being cooked. It's served with a slice of pickle inserted into the cooked slider.

Because they're small, most people eat more than one slider at a time.

Here's the disagreement: some food writers and restaurants are calling other sorts of miniature
hamburgers "sliders"; even though these tiny burgers are cooked and served in the same way as regular-sized hamburgers. And they are also calling other miniature bun-based sandwiches "sliders," even if they are made with seafood, chicken, or cheese rather than beef.

Some food writers and food critics are very, very cranky about these uses of the term sliders

So I'm going to back away slowly...and run off to Yard House, to order some sliders. 

(By the way, if you are wondering why I don't go to a White Castle restaurant for an Original Slider - especially since White Castle is giving away 25,000 sliders today, on National Slider Day - the nearest one to me is a state away, in Las Vegas, Nevada.) 

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