April 29 – Shōwa Day in Japan

 Posted on April 29, 2017

Today's Japanese holiday has been renamed twice. 

It is the birthday of Emperor Shōwa - also known as Emperor Hirohito. He was the imperial ruler over Japan during World War II, when Japan was part of the Axis along with Hitler's Nazi German and Mussolini's Italy, and the Axis powers were fighting against the Allies - also known as most of the rest of the world! 

But Hirohito was not prosecuted for war crimes. As a matter of fact, historians disagree with how much responsibility Hirohito had for the decision making that resulted in so much death and destruction for so many.

While Hirohito lived, this holiday was named - naturally enough - "The Emperor's Birthday." After Hirohito died, in 1989, April 29 was celebrated as Greenery Day - because the emperor loved plants. It was a day to go out into, and connect with, nature.

But in 2007, Greenery Day was moved to May 4, and April 29 went back to more directly commemorating Hirohito. It is called Shōwa Day because that is the name for Hirohito in Japan, now that he is gone.

Here are some amazing things about Japan:

Tokyo's a busy, modern, beautiful city.

Even some of the factories are beautiful!

Japan is known for the gorgeous Mt. Fuji...
...and for many lovely temples.

Japan is also known for its many colorful vending machines...

...including unusual vending machines like a robot vending machine, above,
and an egg vending machine, below.

Castles in Japan are beautiful!

And cherry blossom season is amazing!!!

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