April 29 – World Wish Day

Posted on April 29, 2015

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the Make a Wish Foundation!

A U.S. Customs Officer living near leukemia patient Christopher Greicius, just seven years old, had an unusual wish: to be a police officer.

The Customs Officer worked with officers of the Arizona Department of Public Safety to make Christopher's wish come true. Christopher was able to wear a custom-tailored police uniform, was sworn in as the first honorary DPS patrolman in Arizona's history, and was a police officer for a day. He even got to ride in a police helicopter!

That special day in Christopher's life was April 29, 1980. Just a few days later, Christopher died. But the boy got a jolt of joy while he was still alive, and everyone who knew him felt encouraged by the officers working so hard to make his wish come true.

That's how the Make a Wish Foundation got its start. Today, in honor of this anniversary, spread the word about the organization, or donate money, or even help bring the dreams of children YOU know to come true.

A little girl named known to my family was not only treated to an awesome wish, last year, courtesy of this organization, but she was also given some fabulous opportunities to travel, talk to other kids suffering from cancer, and be a “poster child” for the local Make a Wish chapter. Her wish was to become a chef, and she was given a personalized chef's hat and coat, and she got to cook for a cafe full of her family and friends. She even signed autographs on copies of her cookbook!

Check it out here and here!


My daughter asked a local company,
the Compassionate Clown Company,
to donate time, materials for face
painting and balloon animals, and
costumes for a special surprise party
for a little girl battling cancer.
You don't always have to have a lot of money to make a child's dream come true. You can often find a donor or sponsor who is able to help make a wish a reality. For example, if a child wants to publish a book, you can ask Shutterfly or other book-binding companies if they would pitch in toward that dream; if a child wants to see the Rocky Mountains, you can contact travel companies and hotel chains and see if they would like some good publicity; if a child wants a superhero party, try calling a costume shop and asking for a discount, or contact community or school theatre companies for help with costuming and entertainers.

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