August 17 – I Love My Feet Day

Posted on August 17, 2016

I would love to love my feet, but right now one of my feet is in SO MUCH PAIN! (Don't worry, I just have a benign cyst that is putting pressure on my nerves – Ouch!!!)

Because I cannot stand to wear shoes with this cyst, I've been walking around the house we are painting and fixing up with bare feet. And, some more ouchies! In the past few days, I've stepped on a sewing needle and a fishhook!

Well, all of this pain in my feet can make me extra sympathetic for people who cannot afford shoes that fit. Not having proper footwear means you might have to walk on snowy ground or icy-cold concrete and then, later in the year, burning hot concrete and rocks, with bare or only partially covered feet. It means that you get blisters or ingrown toenails or arch problems from shoes that don't fit. It means that you once in a blue moon step on something so sharp that even your tough soles are cut. It means that you have to deal with a lot of pain that could be prevented...with properly fitted shoes.

Today is a great day to donate new or "gently used" shoes to Soles4Souls or another organization that specializes in distributing shoes to those in need. 

Remember, men, women, and children live in poverty – so charities need all sorts of shoes in a variety of sizes. 

If you held a shoe drive in your community, how
many shoes could you donate?
Another part of I Love My Feet Day is learning how to take care of your feet. Check out Dr. Kim's how-to!

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