October 11 – National Food Truck Day

Posted on October 11, 2015

Is food truck food safe? Are food trucks clean?

What sort of food can you get from a food truck?

Today's a great day to ask – and answer – such questions. Here are the answers: For the most part, yes; for the most part, yes; and all kinds!

There are frequent and strict health inspections of food trucks; food truck vendors have to follow very exacting guidelines, and the trucks are re-inspected as often as restaurants are.

It might be smart to check for the license, which in many cities and states must be displayed in the window of the food truck. If you can't spot it, you can ask to see the license. If a food truck isn't legal...you might not want to take a chance!

Some cities also require posting the latest inspection grade on the window. A is best, just like typical school grades. Apparently we should not be eating at a C-rated food truck.

As to what sort of food can be made and sold from a truck – well, actually, a LOT! From traditional truck items such as ice cream and popsicle treats to typical cart items like hot dogs and churros, from tacos and empanadas to pizza and sandwiches, from BBQ and grilled cheese to Latin-Asian fusion cuisine, from donuts to oatmeal! –- I mean, once food trucks start selling oatmeal, you know that any food that can be made somewhere can be made on a truck. (Pretty much!)


Check out reviews on the food trucks available in your area – and then try the food of the highest rated trucks!

I just googled the best food trucks in my area, and I discovered “The Lime Truck,” “Dos Chinos,” and “Bacon Mania”! Sounds sooo good!

The movie Chef is about a food truck. I think many families will like it, but it does have an R rating, mostly for language.

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