October 7 – You Matter to Me Day

Posted on October 7, 2015

Apparently this special day came about because a sudden, shocking accident killed a father and son, and one of their friends realized that he had never gotten around to telling them that they mattered to him.

Such a beginning just sounds depressing, but what this friend decided to do about his regrets is to find the time to tell the people who are still alive that they matter to him. And he decided to urge all of us to do so, too.

So look around at your friends and family, today. Tell them that they matter to you. You might want to go farther – tell them how you feel about them, share important memories you cherish of them, tell them how you depend on them.

Maybe some of your acquaintances and Real-Life strangers who are friends on social media matter to you, too. Tell them so. Maybe even some complete strangers you have never ever talked to matter to you – the kid you see sweeping the sidewalk every morning, the woman who wrote that one book you love, the coach your best friend has told you so much about. It takes a bit of courage to reach out to strangers, but it might be wonderful for them to hear that they matter to someone!

The fellow who started You Matter to Me Day says that there is power in “mattering.” When someone matters, he makes an impact on others, he counts for something. People care about someone who matters; people love her and/or depend on her.

The motto of You Matter to Me Day is “Because everyone matters to someone, and someone matters to you.” I think that says it all!

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