October 28 – International Animation Day

Posted on October 28, 2015

Animation can be as simple as a flip book or as complex as a modern CGI motion picture. It can be oriented towards kids or adults, or it can be meant for everyone. It can be made up of hundreds or thousands of drawings, or it can comprise hundreds or thousands of photos of clay, LEGO, or other positionable figures.

And these days, it can be GIFs!

Let's celebrate it all!

Today has been proclaimed International Animation Day because, on this date in 1892, the first public presentation of the Théâtre Optique wowed audiences with a motion picture – an animation.

  • Here is a video about how to make super simple flip books. 

  • Here is a video of some really great (and much more complex) flip books. 

  • Here is a super-simple stop-motion movie tutorial. 

  • I adore the stop motion animation called “A Year in Full Colour - Moleskine Planners”! You can watch it here – AND be sure to look at the second video, which shows how it was made! 

Of course, you can celebrate International Animation Day by watching some
of your favorite animated movies. Two of mine are Disney's "Alice in Wonderland"
and "Spirited Away."

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