June 8 – Best Friends Day

Posted on June 8, 2015

Do you have a best friend? If not, have you ever had a best friend?

Friends are great to have, and most of us have a variety of category of friends that we do different things with. For example, one of my daughters had dance friends, Girl Scout friends, and friends from her homeschool support group. And a few of those friends were the girls that she super-duper trusted and told EVERYTHING to... And a few of her friends were the ones with the same music taste, a different friend altogether was the one who loved haunted houses and amusement parks as much as she did, and another friend loved to dress up and do photo shoots.

You definitely do not have to “rank” your friends when you have so many different friends who can fulfill so many different friendship roles.

But sometimes you just do have one special friend who is your “bestie.” You might have way more in common with that one friend. You might like to do almost everything with him or her. This is the person who ALWAYS has your back, and the person you can share all your thoughts and opinions and feelings with...

If you have a best friend, send a him or her an e-card, give a small gift or a sweet treat, or plan a fun activity rather than just hanging!

Even if you don't have one special bestie, you could treat your two or three closest friends to some special treat or activity today.

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