June 6 – National Yo-yo Day

Posted on June 6, 2015
Although two fellows in Ohio were awarded a patent in November of 1866 for the invention of the bandelore (what we now call yo-yo, from the Tagalog langauge), the basic idea of a toy that can travel up and down a string has been invented and reinvented since 500 B.C. (or B.C.E.) at least! 

Instead of celebrating the anniversary of that patent, National Yo-yo Day is celebrated in early June, when people in the Northern Hemisphere are starting to play outside more, and are gearing up for summer. Actually, this date was chosen because June 6 is the birthday of the Duncan yo-yo guy, Donald F. Duncan, Sr.

If yo-yos are your thing, you can probably find an event or a sale today! If it's not, maybe you should check out these experts – it's pretty cool! 

Doing tricks with yo-yos looks pretty hard – even when this four year old kid does it! 

Seriously, do not miss this video:

If you only have time to watch one yo-yo video today, watch this one

(The speech comes first, and at minute 3:30, the performance starts.)

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