June 17 – Eat Your Vegetables Day

Posted on June 17, 2015

One time I was touring a tortoise-rescue facility, and the care givers said that they always buy 19 or 20 different sorts of vegetables per week – whatever is fresh, rotating items purchased so that they aren't always exactly the same. That way, the turtles and tortoises got a balanced diet, overall.

We humans looked at one another and wondered why we didn't do the same!

Instead, most of us buy the same-old-same-old – a head of romaine lettuce, a carton of cherry tomatoes, and a bag of baby carrots, say – every week.

Take the day to try at least one new vegetable!

Here are some possibilities:

  • mizuna has a mild, peppery flavor and is delicious mixed with arugula in a salad
  • romanesco, perhaps the most beautiful vegetable in the world (also, perhaps the most fractal!), eaten baked, boiled, steamed, or raw
  • sea beans, salty and crunchy in salads and stir-fries
  • celeriac, a root like a potato, but with a lot less starch
  • sunchoke or “Jerusalem artichoke,” another low-starch replacement for potatoes, perhaps roasted
  • purple cauliflower and purple sweet potatoes

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