April 2 – National Walking Day

Posted on April 2, 2015

According to the American Heart Association, we are sitting in front of screens more than ever before. We would all do better to exercise more.

To encourage us to lace up our sneakers and take a walk, the organization coined the phrase “every tie reminds us why.”

So walk, walk, walk today and every day that you can – at least 30 minutes a day, get up and walk!

I love to hike in the mountains, but walking in sand at the beach is fun, too (but hard slogging!). Walking on dirt or grass is a bit easier on our joints than walking on concrete. Still, most of us are closer to concrete and can still get out and enjoy nature – the sky, the sun or stars, maybe the clouds, hopefully trees and an occasional bird or other critter. And looking at interesting buildings and at other people can be fun, too!

Where I live, my family likes to drive a few blocks to a street where there are many “horse properties”; we see donkeys and horses, dogs and birds, lizards and insects and bunnies, and an occasional sighting of wildlife such as the family of coyotes that we saw during every walk for a month...

Taking walks can help you to think. (Actually, being in nature can help you to think, too!) Taking walks with people can help you to communicate – something about both facing forward makes it easier to share, sometimes.

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